My name is Gregorio Palamà, I am a developer, actually working for Engineering Ingegneria Informatica S.p.A. in their office located in Mosciano S. Angelo, Italy. I am still studying, trying to get a degree as engineer in ICT.

My professional background includes experiences with various technologies and project, starting with the K-Place platform, used for the ECDL and ICDL certifications, and going through web applications built for QuattroRuote Professional in the Automotive sector (both these experiences done working for WebScience), and ending with my actual job as Oracle and C/C++ solutions developer at Engineering, working in the “Energies and Utilities” area.

In my free time, I love to develop some of my ideas, and, although the free time is never too much, I try to work on my own project almost everyday, pushing myself to write at least 30 lines of code daily.

I like to think about my approach to the “Developing World” in the same way you would think about an artist approaching his own work, like a painter would approach a painting, like a guitarist would play his own guitar. I could write something about this, and I will update this page if I will ever do, just to better explain my thoughts.

What you will find here
Just some considerations of mine, articles about all the things I try or I find interesting, solutions on the issues I have met and all the things that could run in my head and I consider worhty enough to be written here.

All contents in this site are mine, and I will explicity point out every work that could not be mine, referring to the right owner.

How you can contact me
You can write me an email at I am also on Facebook, Google+, Twitter and LinkedIn.