MongoDB on WildFly using Hibernate OGM – pt 2

This post is based on the previous one article on how to use Hibernate OGM in order to access MongoDB on WildFly. The previous article was based on WildFly 8.2 and Hibernate 4.1.3.

There was a bug in Hibernate 4.1.3, solved in the 5.0.1 release, for which it was necessary to list all the @Entity annotated classes in the persistence.xml file in order to make Hibernate consider them. Starting from version 5.0.1, this is not required anymore, as Hibernate automatically searches for @Entity annotated classes.

Plus, Hiero Santos commented on my previous post, asking for a working example. I created a working project using WildFly 10 and Hibernate OGM 5.0.1, and put it on GitHub on this project. Everyone, feel free to use it at your need as a starting project and, please, send me any feedback comes in your mind.